Great accommodation on the Nusa Lembongan island of paradise

Nice, clean and cheap - this is Kawans Inn.

The accommodation I would like to recommend you today is on your way to Nusa Lembongan island and it´s definitely worth visiting this place. Here you will find amazing white beaches, great location for snorkeling and diving and finally the spots for surfing. Most fast boats arrive directly into the Junungbatu bay, where most of the hotels and restaurants are concentrated. And this wonderful accomodation is just here, in the very centre of action.



There are seven separated double rooms in this hotel, which are equipped with either double or separated beds. There is own bathroom and toilet in each room and room with a fan costs only $ 20 per night including breakfast. The price will be a little bit higher - 23 dollars per night if you wish air conditioning in your room. Isn´t it great?


There are also three little shops here, where you can buy everything you need. Then you canalso rent bikes here and refuel just in the same place, because they have their own petrol station :-) Wow.. As I´m saying… great place which I never miss.


This year you can also visit small, newly opened cafe called Kawans Coffee Shop where you can have a coffee or breakfast menu. Nearby there are countless good restaurants such as Bali Eco Deli or Kenya coffee etc.

The owners of this property are very nice and helpful. Enjoy Nusa Lembongan!


Tips for other accommodation in Nusa Lembongan:

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3. Lembongan Sanctuary Villas $$$


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