What vaccinations do I need to Bali?

One of the first questions that most people think before traveling to Bali is - Do I have to have any vaccination for traveling to Bali? What potentional health risks may occur?

Basic vaccinations you should have:

Hepatitis A




Other recommended vaccinations:

Hepatitis B



Additional vaccinations:




Remember, you should start with vaccination at least two months before traveling to Bali or Indonesia. You can also discuss shorter vaccination schedule with your doctor in the vaccination center. There are also diseases against which we can not be vaccinated.

Dengue - this disease is transmitted by biting insects (mosquitoes). The effective repellents and mosquito nets are the only prevention. It is much better to buy the repellents here in Bali as local repellents are more effective than repellents from your home country.

Malaria - especially if you are traveling east on the islands of Lombok, Sumbawa and further, make sure to pack also antimalarials. Again, it is recommended to use high - quality mosquito nets and repellents. In Bali, repellents can be purchased in pharmacies, drugstores, as well as in supermarkets and shops with food. Local people use lemongrass (or citronella) as a natural insect repellent.


In case of longer-term fevers do not hesitate to visit the 24-hour Emergency Assistance BIMC Kuta: (+62 361) 761 263 / BIMC Nusa Dua: (+62 361) 3000 911. For more information: www.bimcbali.com.


All information are only given for information, for detailed and updated information visit your nearest travel medicine center.

You will find more information, particularly about health care in Bali, in our next article. Watch us ...

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